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A recent survey commissioned by Triton, found that eight out of 10 UK homeowners prefer to buy British made home appliances to those manufactured overseas. 

The Made In Britain Campaign is a member-funded organisation which aims to promote and support manufacturing in the UK. The non-profit organisation is run by a committee of Directors from UK based manufacturers as well as leaders of groups which support British trade and industry. 

As part of its support for the campaign, Triton will showcase the Union flag-inspired Made In Britain marque on a range of its products, literature and online portals, giving all customers the chance to buy into a brand with a well publicised British heritage. 

Lorna Fellowes, Managing Director at Triton, commented: “Much of the UK’s history and heritage is based around its excellence in engineering and manufacturing. Our support for the Made In Britain Campaign gives us a chance to play our own part in stressing the value of great British brands.                                        

“The UK’s engineering capabilities are as strong as ever and with British consumers keen to invest in locally made products, it is important for us to emphasise our heritage.” 

For more details on the Made In Britain Campaign, visit

Posted in October 2014

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