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Grohe launches five new products at Sleep 2014

Grohe, headline sponsor of Sleep. 2014, The Hotel Design Event, showcased five new innovative products at the event:

* The Grohe Powerbox - This infrared tap uses water pressure to power itself. Grohe's innovative technology uses the tap's own water flow to drive a turbine, concealed in a small box installed below the basin. This converts the energy from the flowing water into storable electrical energy which then powers the tap's infrared function.

* The Eurodisc Joystick - The most important design feature of the new Eurodisc is its adjustable joystick. Its superior ergonomics, combined with the innovative SilkMove cartridge technology, allows precise fingertip control of the water mixer. At the same time, the integrated EcoJoy water-saving technology promotes responsible and sustainable consumption of water and energy.

* Grohe Individual range- The Grohe Individual service is all about providing bespoke solutions and the customisation of luxurious Grohe products to deliver a personalised service for the company's professional partners. Whether a client wants their product to have a different colour or finish, size adjustment, or the integration of their own logo, Grohe Individual can make it all possible.

* Grohe Small, Medium, Large - Grohe now offers an additional advantage: providing the luxury of a choice of size in some of its most popular products. From extra small (XS) taps perfect for cloakrooms to extra large (XL) mixers which create an elegant focal point in your bathroom, Grohe's choice of sizes has never been greater.

* Sensia - Delivering optimum hygiene levels to the bathroom, the Sensia shower toilet is much more than just a bidet and WC combined, and is packed with state-of-the-art features, such as a touchscreen remote control allowing each user to save their favourite cleansing settings.

More details to come!

Posted in December 2014

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