About us

Shower Selector

Based in Durham, England.
has over 30 years combined experience in recommending shower and bathroom solutions, to domestic consumers, property and renovation companies and also to commercial companies who providing multiple showering outlets.

Established in May 2007 with a simple mission of providing an easily-understood on-line selection/purchasing facility for frustrated consumers, who have struggled to get good advice from various sources.

We offer at affordable prices; high quality, handpicked showers, shower pumps and shower enclosures.
We also offer a range of heating boilers, from the UK and Ireland's leading brands.
So that, after you have made your careful decision to purchase, you do so, in the knowledge that your shower or bathroom product is from a UK company, is durable, has the correct technical requirements and looks good.

Shower Selector allows you to purchase the perfect product for your needs without moving from the comfort of your own home.

The amount of confusing and contradictory information consumers often recieve, can make arriving at the correct decision, difficult.
Therefor should you need further help in what you need before you buy, then we are only too happy to help. Email us at info@showerselector or call us on 0191 283 5395.

We aim to make that choice as clear as we can, and have carefully chosen only the best products of the many manufacturers available on the market, at of course, low online prices.
You can decide what shower, shower enclosure, bathroom suite or heating boiler is best for your property.
All you need to do next, once you've made the purchase, is to find a professional installer you can trust.
The websites, www.ratedpeople.com and www.checkatrade.com are useful for for finding a good installer, as is yell.com.
You will notice throughout our online shop the acronym MPN. This stands for manufacturer's product number.
Virtually every product, has a manufacturer's product number or identifier.

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Shower Selector
1 Rosebay Road at Durham Air Conditioning
Littleburn Industrial Estate,
Langley Moor,