Boosting the pressure of your shower

Boosting the pressure of your shower

As the years roll on after the manufactures guarantee has worn off the performance of your shower may start decline or you may have bought a shower that you may just want to make some slight adjustment that can increase its performance drastically. So here are some alternatives for you!

The pressure of a shower is so important and a lot of people like the pressure to be quite high to the extent where it’s giving a massage effect, people also like the pressure high because it helps them spend less time in the shower because lotion is washed off quickly due to the high pressure.

So how can you increase the pressure? Firstly, you can start by having a shower pump installed these are fitted to the water system that connects to your shower and it increase the pressure of water to the shower.  Next solution I can recommend that will help increase the pressure is a bit of a DIY job but simple so don’t worry, buy a reasonably cheap shower head and open it when you do you’ll see the washer, this restricts the flow of water from the water system so by increasing the size of the hole in the washer it allows for more water to pass through and therefore increases the pressure. To finish you may just want to buy a hose replacement because with years of use hose can become damaged and leak etc. so a brand new water tight hose can resolve the problem pretty quickly and as with the shower head they are easy to install. 

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