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Triton have been at the heart of Britain's bathrooms for more than 30 years - why? - because they care. Triton showers are expertly engineered and rigorously tested. Electric showers and power showers comply with BEAB safety standards and our mixer showers comply with WRAS. Triton's extensive range of electric showers, mixer showers, power showers and digital showers offer incredible style and function at affordable prices. Many of Triton's showers provide thermostatic temperature control, such as the T150Z thermostatic electric showers and the Thames thermostatic mixer showers. So, to sum up Showerselector believe that Triton are one of Britain's leading manufacturers, offering stylish; Mixer, Digital, Power and Electric showers.

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  • Triton Electric Showers

    Electric showers are connected via the rising cold main into the property, please refer to the schematic drawing under the showerselector process on this site to help understand the principle of how an electric shower works. The performance of an electric shower is dependent upon various criteria, the kW rating of the shower used (ie the power of the unit) the flow of water/pressure coming into the unit, and the incoming cold water temperature. Electric shower kW power ratings vary from 7.5kW up to 10.8kW, generally speaking the higher the kW rating the greater the pressure and flow of the shower. The most common kW rating used in the UK, is 8.5 to 9.0 Kw, as a rule of thumb the following would apply: 7.5kW – Adequate shower in summer months but poor performance in winter when the ambient temperature of the cold water is very cold, and therefore more kW of power is needed to heat up the incoming water as it passes over the elements in the hot water tank of the shower. 8.5 -9.0kW – Good shower in summer, and adequate shower in winter, making this the most common electric shower power rating used in the UK. 10.0 – 10.8kW – Excellent shower in the summer and good shower in the winter months, due largely to their high power rating, 10kW plus power ratings provide the best in electric showering Triton showers are one of the leading electric shower brands in the UK. listed on the showerselector website at very competitive prices.

  • Triton Less Abled...

    Triton's Digilink less abled shower was developed with Occupational Therapists and endorsed by RNIB for inclusive design to ensure the shower is simple and easy to use. Safety features include maximum temeperature stop, phased shutdown, large start stop buttons.

  • Triton Wireless...

    Electric wireless showers from Triton. The T300 si utilises wireless, digital technology. The power pack and all the plumbing is hidden in a loft or cupboard and the only thing on show is a sleek riser rail, handset and the chrome control panel.

  • Triton Power Showers

    There are two types of power shower, both of which utilised stored hot and cold water. The stored hot and cold water are effectively mixed together and then passed through a pump which then significantly improves the performance of the shower through increased pressure and flow to deliver the ‘power shower’. The most cost effective power shower is the ‘integral’ power shower, where the power shower unit houses both the pump and the mixer shower encased typically in a white plastic unit, not dissimilar to look at as an electric shower. Showerselector features the Triton AS200x power shower. They can be noisy if not fitted in the right location, for instance, because of the integral motor and pump they should not be installed onto a cavity wall. Again, showerselector recommends thermostatic power showers. The second type is a shower mixer valve combined with a shower pump.

  • Triton Mixer Showers

    Triton mixers showers, a trusted brand, from the UK. Triton Dart Mixer Showers, Eco mixer shower, concealed mixer shower

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items