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First choice in showering through innovation, design, quality and value. Manufactured in the U.K at Cheltenham. Mixer showers, Electric Showers, Digital Showers, Shower accessories, Shower Trays, Shower Enclosures and Doors. The UK's leading brand consistently offering new and state of the art design, using the latest technology to provide the best available shower and bathroom products.

Mira Showers Subcategories

  • Mixer Showers

    Mixer showers take water from both hot and cold water supplies. They mix the hot and cold to reach a desired temperature. They generally flow faster than electric showers. If you have a low pressure gravity water system, you can make the flow more forceful by adding a Mira pump. Mixer showers ideal for homes with a plentiful supply of hot water.

  • Electric Showers

    Electric showers are connected via the rising cold main into the property, please refer to the schematic drawing under the showerselector process on this site to help understand the principle of how an electric shower works. The performance of an electric shower is dependent upon various criteria, the kW rating of the shower used (ie the power of the unit) the flow of water/pressure coming into the unit, and the incoming cold water temperature. Electric shower kW power ratings vary from 7.5kW up to 10.8kW, generally speaking the higher the kW rating the greater the pressure and flow of the shower. The most common kW rating used in the UK, is 8.5 to 9.0 Kw, as a rule of thumb the following would apply: 7.5kW – Adequate shower in summer months but poor performance in winter when the ambient temperature of the cold water is very cold, and therefore more kW of power is needed to heat up the incoming water as it passes over the elements in the hot water tank of the shower. 8.5 -9.0kW – Good shower in summer, and adequate shower in winter, making this the most common electric shower power rating used in the UK. 10.0 – 10.8kW – Excellent shower in the summer and good shower in the winter months, due largely to their high power rating, 10kW plus power ratings provide the best in electric showering, check out the Mira Sport 10.8 max for the ultimate in electric showering in the UK. One of the leading UK electric shower brands are Mira Showers, listed on the showerselector website at very competitive prices.

  • Mira Elevate...

    Mira Elevate Shower Enclosure and Doors are robust and easy to install. Mira Elevate are framed doors in design which are designed to be strong and watertight. The Mira Elevate range has a wide range of shower door styles and sizes to suit all bathroom shower areas. They are made from 4mm to 6mm toughened safety glass and can be used in an alcove or corner installation.

  • Digital Showers

    Digital showers can be used both off the mains water supply via a combination boiler or an unvented heating system (see Heatingselector.co.uk for further information) or via a conventional gravity fed system using stored hot water and a cold water tank, please refer to the schematic drawings under the showerselector process to understand how these systems look, and to help you identify your own system. Pumped digital showers essentially take your stored hot and cold water and mix it then pump the mixed supply of water to the shower, via a digital interface in the shower area. Non-pumped digital showers work via a combination boilers or unvented heating system, effectively using the mains pressure which is generally much higher than can be achieved via a gravity fed system, hence no need for an integral pump in the mixing unit. Digital showers are widely recognised as the future of showering in the UK, Showerselector features the leading Uk brands such as Mira, and Aqualisa the two leading exponents of digital showering in the UK.

  • Mira Flight Low Shower...

    Mira Flight Low Shower Trays are tough and durable and very low profile at only 40mm. Made from durable acrylic resin stone, scratch, chip and discolouration resistant with a bicote coating to control bacteria. Included is the Mira Flight Low vortex waste which sucks water from the shower tray.

  • Mira Bath Shower Mixers

    A thermostatically controlled shower combined with bath fill for practical and enjoyable showering. An easy-to-install alternative to a wall-mounted shower. Thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family. A Bath shower mixer has one single control for flow and temperature and a conventional non-thermostatic bath-fill via independent hot and cold tap heads. For installation on the top of the bath and connects directly to the bath water supply. Showerselector offers the Mira Excel and the Mira Extra bath shower mixers.

  • Mira Flight Shower Trays

    Mira Flight Shower Trays are very tough and durable, yet light and easy to fit. Made from strong acrylic capped resin stone, they are made to be scratch, chip and discolouration resistant. Mira Flight trays have a Bicote coating to kill 99% of bacteria and mould growth. The chrome waste and trap is included.

  • Mira Leap Enclosures...

    The full range of Mira Leap shower doors and enclosures. Frameless in design, reversible doors and contemporary design. The safety toughened glass is 6mm. Choose the style to fit your shower area.

  • Mira Power Showers

    There are two types of power shower, both of which utilised stored hot and cold water. The stored hot and cold water are effectively mixed together and then passed through a pump which then significantly improves the performance of the shower through increased pressure and flow to deliver the ‘power shower’. The most cost effective power shower is the ‘integral’ power shower, where the power shower unit houses both the pump and the mixer shower encased typically in a white plastic unit, not dissimilar to look at as an electric shower. They can be noisy if not fitted in the right location, for instance, because of the integral motor and pump they should not be installed onto a cavity wall. The other power shower configuration available is the arrangement of a shower mixing valve such as the Mira Excel, which mixes water via a conventional gravity fed system with stored hot and cold water which is fed through a shower pump, such as the Salamander range or Stuart Turner range, and then once pumped the hot and cold water then supplies the mixing valve with heavy pressure and flow. Ideal for those who like strong performance in their shower with a well designed shower mixing valve in the shower area.

  • Shower Accessories

    Replacement Mira shower accessories for Mira showers. Hoses, showerheads and shower kits for a quick and affordable upgrade to existing showers.

  • Mira Shower Kits

    A range of complete shower kits for all types of Mira showers. Includes the shower rail, shower hose and shower head all in one affordable pack. Choose from the different range of styles to sit your shower and bathroom.

  • Mira Flight Riser Kits

    Mira Flight Conversion riser kits converts a Mira Flight tray into a riser shower tray. Contains easy to install removable panels and robust adjustable push-fit riser legs, with simple clip-on fixings.

  • Mira Bath Shower Screens

    Mira's single panel bathscreen make a stylish alternative to a shower curtain while the mini bathscreen option can be combined with a shower curtain to effectively contain water.

    Either way, you are sure to find a look to suit your needs.

  • Flight Wall Panels

    Mira Flight wall panels – a realistic alternative to tiles. Easy to install, Mira Flight wall panels work perfectly with the new Mira Flight shower enclosures, the acclaimed Mira Flight shower trays or over a bath. Available in gloss white to offer a stylish contemporary finish to your bathroom. Mira wall panels are strong, durable and leak proof using patented Mira Flight technology.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 151 items